Byron BAS Agent

Licensed Byron Bay BAS Agent, we are legally authorised to advise and lodge activity statements on your behalf.

A licensed BAS Agent is the highest qualified form of bookkeeper. We are legally authorised by the ATO to not only provide advice in relation to specific GST, PAYG and BAS activity but also complete and lodge information on behalf of our clients.

When you use Byron Bay Bookkeeper to lodge your Activity Statement you can rest assured that your accounts have been checked by an experienced professional. This also ensures that your business is covered by the ATO Safe Harbour Provisions.

Under the Safe Harbour Provisions, taxpayers using a registered tax or BAS agent may not be liable to some administrative penalties imposed by the ATO in certain circumstances.

When submitting Activity Statements, BAS Agents are able to take advantage of BAS Lodgement extensions by using the ATO Portal.

BAS agents can advise, ascertain (provide certainty) and represent a client to the commissioner on BAS services.

This means at Byron Bay Bookkeeper we are able to:

  • Design a system, in respect to business and the BAS provisions
  • Advise a business, in respect to business and the BAS provisions
  • Do everything a bookkeeper can do
  • Review reports to verify their accuracy for the correct application of BAS provisions (GST, WET, LCT, FTC, PAYG W, SGC, TPAR and the payment of PAYG I and the payment of FBT installments)
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